Vegan Cinnamon Maple Oatmeal

This is a personal secret recipe that is super healthy and is so delicious that you will want to eat it every morning. As you know, cinnamon by itself it extremely healthy for you. You can check out how healthy it is on a couple of my previous posts – Ten Healthy Rewards to Cinnamon – and – Eleven More Healthy Rewards to Cinnamon

Okay here’s my personal secret recipe for Vegan Cinnamon Maple Oatmeal:

One generous serving size. Adjust quantities to you appetite or the number of servings you want to make.


1 cup – Water

1/2 cup – Large Flake Oatmeal (the slow cook package, not the “quick” one)

1 or 2 Teaspoons – Ground Cinnamon Note: bulk is often fresher than pre-packaged

1/16 Teaspoon – Himalayan Sea Salt Crystals (avoid standard table salt – it’s mostly white sugar)

Stevia Extract

No. 3, “D”, or Dark Maple syrup (this grade has the most minerals)

Rice Milk, Soy Milk, Almond Milk, or any non-dairy milk that you prefer.


Bring the water to the point of boiling and add the oatmeal, cinnamon and salt mixture, or start heating the water and add the oatmeal, cinnamon and salt mixture. Bring the oatmeal mixture just to the boiling point. Cover with the pot lid. Turn off the heat. Let the oatmeal mixture sit on the burner for 12 minutes. Gas fired cook tops or stoves may require an occasional boost of heat. Electric cook tops or stoves usually retain enough heat sothat your oatmeal will fully cook and still be hot at the end of 12 minutes. If you leave your oatmeal to sit longer, it just cools down, so you don’t need to worry about burning your oatmeal.

Spoon your cooked oatmeal into a large bowl. Add 3-6 drops of stevia extract, drizzle on some healthy maple syrup, and pour on your favorite non-dairy milk.

Enjoy your Vegan Cinnamon Maple Oatmeal breakfast and have a happy day!


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